The Lifecraft Project

The Life Craft project provides free access to practical education and positive learning experiences to those affected by homelessness, mental health and unemployment.

The Life Craft Project runs regular open days showcasing the courses and activities on offer. Open days connect communities and provide opportunity for individuals to try new skills, connect with others and enroll on introductory courses.

As part of this project Lifecraft Cabins provides training in woodwork using hand tools and traditional techniques.

1 day introductory workshops introduce participants to the workshop environment, the use of hand tools and timber craft. Participants have time to use tools and learn some basic skills. Discussions are held on ideas behind the project and the further learning opportunities available.

6 day Foundation courses and aim to provide students with a basic understanding of the subject field. Over the course of 6 weeks the students learn and develop practical skills, gain knowledge and insights from professionals, establish trusting relationships with tutors and develop confidence working with others in a workshop environment.

Participation in these foundation courses can lead to opportunity for further education or apprenticeship within the organization or by its partners.