Cabin design and specification

In response to the problems we face now and in the future, develop a design for a small dwelling suitable for full time habitation in a temperate climate. The structure should be quick and easy to install, have a low impact on its site and the surrounding area. The design will allow for changes in the overall dimensions to suit individual needs. It must not require foundations and may be portable. It should require little or no planning permission in the UK.

  • The product should embody quality, efficiency and sustainability throughout its development, manufacture, distribution and service life.
  • Decisions made in its design and production should reflect an awareness of its impact on people and the natural environment.
  • The structure should be made mainly from natural, non-toxic, sustainable materials. Reclaimed or recycled material may be used where appropriate.
  • There should be little or no waste associated with the final product. All waste must be bio-degradable or recyclable.
  • Energy used in manufacturing should come from renewable sources.
  • The final product must be carbon neutral.
  • The manufacturing process should employ safe, non-abrasive working practices.