Lifecraft Cabins

What is a life craft cabin?? The Life-craft cabin is an evolving design for small, portable structures built to a high standard using sustainable materials and traditional techniques.

Put simply it’s a wooden cabin structure that can be located in a variety of settings and used for a wide range of purposes including as a permanent dwelling. The design is loosely based on later showman’s wagons or living vans of the early 20th century and incorporates some of the construction methods used in the timber framed cars, buses and aero-planes of that period.

The cabin design is low-tech and can be built exclusively with hand tools using a variety of different materials. The simple joinery techniques employed enable efficient use of timber while the construction remains strong and durable.

The cabins may be sited in almost any location, on trailers, in gardens, on the side of a mountain or even afloat on a raft. They have a wide range of uses as studios, workshops, classrooms, guesthouses or tiny homes.