A vision of sustainable housing and meaningful work.

We are a non – profit community organization based in Norfolk that aims to address homelessness and unemployment by teaching people and communities the skills to design and build their own tiny home.

A shortage of affordable housing, availability of meaningful employment, social cohesion and human wellbeing are issues that affect all of us.Further threats from climate change, resource decline, a rising human population and species extinction are forcing us to re-evaluate our priorities and change the way we live.

In response to these challenges people around the world are turning to alternative types of habitation that are smaller, more intermit, affordable and energy efficient. The “tiny house” movement is underway in many countries across the globe offers viable alternative to most current housing models.

We have developed a design for portable, high quality timber cabins, built from sustainable, natural materials using traditional construction techniques.

The ‘Lifecraft’ cabin is a multi-purpose structure designed suitable for all season habitation. The cabin constriction is low-tech, made from timber and can be built using only hand tools.

The Lifecraft Cabin is a practical starting point in the exploration into new ways of living that will reduce our environmental impact, increase planetary health and human well-being.